The Referencing@Portsmouth interactive guide helps you to reference your sources correctly. Please read our overview page before using this service.

This site has been superceded!

The University of Portsmouth now subscibes to

macmillan cite them right

for the latest in referencing advice, now including APA 7.

login by selecting 'University of Portsmouth' and entering your University login or use the VPN service.

We do still offer local support for those tricky referencing issues - see our new referencing page for more information

All Portsmouth students should now use CiteThemRight unless

  • you are a full-time Masters student who is finishing your course in October 2020
  • you have been told to continue using APA 6 by your lecturer.

This site will be removed from service in January 2021

Select a reference source from the dropdown and optionally a specific style & media.


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macmillan cite them right


For all your referencing needs including APA 7
(University of Portsmouth members only)



Why reference?

  • To give intellectual credit to your source
  • To help your reader recover your source easily
  • To avoid being accused of plagiarism

Top Tips

  • Do not list sources that are merely mentioned in the work you have seen
  • Only include in your reference list what you refer to in your text
  • There will not be guidance for every type or variation of a source - if you need help, contact us