Intranet document [from Electronic source using APA 5th ed.]


An intranet document has not been published, but produced within an organisation, for internal use. Examples include course notes, a unit handbook, or a section or 'book' in a Moodle unit.  If you want to reference an article in Moodle which is a copyright-cleared scan of the print version, reference it as a journal article: same as print version If you access a book or e-book via a link in Moodle, reference it as a book or e-book in the usual way.

As this may not be a recoverable item for the reader, it is important to show that it is unpublished.

Standard Form

Author, Initials. or Organisation if no named author. (Year, plus month and day if given). Document title (policy/report/circular number if given). Unpublished intranet document, Organisation (if not listed first).


Bonar, I. (2003, October). Library policies and decision making. Unpublished intranet document, University of Portsmouth.

Jacobs, M.  (2012, June).  Criminology: Level 7.  Unpublished intranet document, University of Portsmouth Institute of Criminal Justice Studies.

University of Portsmouth. (2004, December). Research and knowledge transfer strategy 2004-2008. Unpublished intranet document.

Citation in Text

Bonar (2003, p. 4) states that ...

KT activity ranges from market led applied research (University of Portsmouth, 2004, p. 2) ...


  • If no date appears on the item you are trying to reference, insert (n.d.) where you would normally give the year.