Newspaper article [from Print source using APA 5th ed.]

Standard Form

Author, Initials. (year, month day). Title of the article. Title of Newspaper, p. page number.


Caffeine linked to mental illness. (1991, July 13). New York Times, pp. B13, B15.

Young, H. (1996, July 25). Battle of snakes and ladders. The Guardian, p. 15.

Citation in Text

Excessive intake of caffeine ("Caffeine linked to mental illness", 1991, p. B15) has been suggested in a newspaper report to ...

Young, in an article in the Guardian (1996. p. 15), declares ...


  • Named authors (bylines) are sometimes found at the end of a newspaper article.  If there is no byline, put the article title in the author position.  Your in-text reference will be the first few words of the title of article, enclosed within double quotation marks " ", followed by the year and page number.
  • If page numbers are discontinuous, give all page numbers and separate the numbers with a comma.