Government department publication [from Print source using APA 5th ed.]


Please note that the reference begins with the name of the jurisdiction. You may wish to check whether your department requiries this in all cases, or only in the case of nations other than Great Britain. Please note that the APA manual does not give guidance for government publications, other than those of the US government.

The convention is to give the Department presenting the report to Parliament as the author unless the committee itself is named as an author. It is not usually necessary to name the Chair, although if the report is commonly referred to in this way e.g. the Robens report, you could use this in the text of your work for example, the Department of Employment report (1972, p. 7) hereafter referred to as the Robens report ...

Standard Form

Jurisdication. Author. (year). Title. Place of publication: Publisher.


Great Britain. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. (2011). Bigger, better business: Helping small firms start, grow and prosper. London: TSO.

Great Britain. Department of Energy and climate Change. (2010). The green deal: A summary of the government's proposals. London: TSO.

Great Britain. Home Office. (1994). Prisons policy for England and Wales. London: HMSO.

Great Britian. Land Registry (2008). Adverse possession of (1) unregistered land (2) registered land where a right to be registered was acquired before 13 October 2003. Swansea: Land Registry.

Citation in Text

...without the right support (Great Britain. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2011, p.3) small business will struggle...

... target for carbon reduction (Great Britain. Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2010, p. 55) was set at 25% ...

... reduction in re-offending (Great Britain. Home Office, 1994, p. 15) leaves much ...