Report [from Print source using APA 5th ed.]


The format is very much like a book, with author, year, title, place of publication and publisher. However, if it comes from a recognised series, include the series title and number in round brackets after the title. Some types of report may have a corporate author (the name of the organization responsible for the report goes in the author position).

Standard Form

Author, initials. (year). Title of the report (Series title number). Place of publication: Publisher.


Law Commission reports:

Follow standard pattern above but you should also include the Command Paper or House of Commons Paper number if possible.

Law Commission: (2011). Expert evidence in criminal proceedings in England and Wales (Law Com No 325 HC 829). London: TSO.

Law Commission. (2008). Housing: Encouraging responsponsible letting (Law Com No 312 Cm 7458). London: TSO.

Anderson, W., & Weatherburn, P. (1996). Treatment information needs of people living with HIV : Research report. London: Nam Publications.

Birney, A. J., & Hall, M. M. (1981). Early identification of children with written language difficulties (Report No. 81-502). Washington D.C.: National Educational Association.

Harris, J., & Grace, S. (1999). A question of evidence? Investigating and prosecuting rape in the 1990s (Home Office Research Study 196). London: Home Office.

Marvin, H. (1985). Information and experience in architectural design : A report on a research project commissioned by the Building Research Establishment, and supported by the Building Centre Trust (Research paper 23). York: University of York, Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies.

Point Carbon Advisory Services. (2008). EU ETS phase III - The potential and scale of windfall profits in the power sector: A report for WWF. Oslo: Point Carbon.

Rogge, K., Schleich, J., & Betz, R. (2006). An early assessment of national allocation plans for phase 2 of EU emission trading (Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation on Nr. S 1/2006). Karlsruhe: Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research.

Strickland, P., & Almandras, S. (2009). Crime and Security Bill No 3 2009/10 (Research Paper 09/97). London: House of Commons Library.

World Wildlife Fund. (2005). Carbon countdown: Emissions trading to combat climate change. Godalming: World Wildlife Fund.


Citation in Text

... reasons for not taking HIV drugs (Anderson & Weatherburn, 1996, p. 12) are more ...

Birney and Hall (1981, p. 42) show that earlier forms of testing ...

The prosecution of rape before 1990 (Harrris & Grace, 1999, p. 33) was affected by ...

... information presented in journals is easy to absorb (Marvin, 1985, p. 28), so ...