Review of a musical performance [from Print source using APA 5th ed.]


This source is not covered by the APA style manual. Check with your lecturer before using this suggestion which is based on APA style.

A review of a musical performance is very much like a journal article, except that a description of form and content is given in the reference, in square brackets.

If the review has no title, move the descriptive element [Review of the concert, etc. - see below] into the title position, and retain the square brackets to indicate that the contents are a description of form and content, not a title.

Standard Form

Author, Initials. (year). Title of review. [Review of the concert, opera, etc. Title of the concert, opera, etc.], Journal title, volume number - if there is one (part or issue number),start and end page numbers of article.


Dalton, S. (2007, July 30). Singing and dancing in the rain. [Review of the Womad Festival]. The Times, p. 25.

Simpson, D. (2007, July 30). Black clouds and blown speakers fail to spoil Monkeys' party. [Review of the concert Arctic Monkeys and Friends]. The Guardian, p. 32.

Citation in Text

... noted for its egalitarian ethos (Dalton, 2007, p. 25) the festival was eclectic in its ...

... the group are not over-stretched by the stadium environment (Simpson, 2007, p. 32) as were earlier groups of the Britpop era such as ...


  • Note that the two examples are from newspapers, which do not have volume and issue numbers. If the review appeared in a magazine or journal modify the details appropriately.