Hansard [from Print source using APA 5th ed.]


Because the situation regarding legal references is complex, and only US law is covered in the APA Manual, the following guidance is based on the system recommended by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. It should not be followed by any student submitting work to the Law Department of Portsmouth Business School, and students working in other departments should consult their lecturers.

References for British parliamentary debates should include the House (Commons, Lords) and session reference, together with volume and column numbers, and date.

Standard Form

Hansard debates

Hansard Abbreviation for the House (i.e. HL or HC) Deb vol (for volume) col/s (for column/s) (date).

Parliamentary reports

Committee, Title (Hansard Abbreviation for the House (i.e. HL or HC) (session) Series number of the report). London: TSO.


Hansard debates

Hansard HL Deb vol 583 col 835 (25 November 1997).

Hansard HC Deb vol 314 cols 1083-86 (24 June 1998).

Hansard HC Deb vol 195 written answers col 103 (16 July 1991).

Parliamentary reports

Justice Committee, Cutting Crime: The Case for Justice Reinvestment (HC (2009-10) 94-I). London: TSO.

Constitution Committee, Clause 12 of the Bribery Bill: Further Report (HL (2009-10) 49). London: TSO.

To avoid confusion in the case of Joint Committees give the details of both series:

Joint Committee on the Draft Bribery Bill, First Report: Minutes of Evidence (HL (2008-09) 115-II HC (2008-09) 430-II). London: TSO.

Citation in Text

Hansard debates

Citations can be shortened to Hansard and the date and column number:

(Hansard, 25 November 1997 col 835)

(Hansard, 24 June 1998 col 1083-86)

Parliamentary reports

Citations for parliamentary reports, cite the committee, the session and the page or paragraph number:

(Justice Committee, 2009-10, paras. 49-51)

(Constitution Committee, 2009-10, para. 13)

(Joint Committee on the Draft Bribery Bill, 2008-09, p. 15)