Review of a radio programme [from Print source using APA 5th ed.]


A review of a radio programme is very much like a journal article, except that a description of form and content is given in the reference in square brackets. For differences in style of a newspaper, magazine or journal article reference, see the appropriate pages for articles appearing in these types of source.

Standard Form

Author of the review, Initials. (year, month date - if weekly publication). Title of the review [Review of the radio broadcast Title of the radio broadcast]. Title of the magazine in which the review was published, Volume number (Issue number) - if there are any, start and end page numbers of review.


Mahoney, E. (2007, July 25). Radio review [Review of the radio broadcast Beverley's gospel nights). The Guardian G2 , p. 22.

Citation in Text

... the style of the presenter (Mahoney, 2007, p. 22) was curiously emphatic ...


  • The example from the Guardian was found in a supplement. APA guidance on dealing with pagination in newspapers is unclear, but may be more appropriate for American newspapers. Reviews in newspapers are often in supplements. Where this is a regular supplement as is the G2 supplement in the Guardian, it may be clearer to incorporate the supplemement title with the main title of the newspaper.