Interview [from Direct communication using APA 5th ed.]


Interviews, including those you have carried out yourself, are not considered recoverable data.  Therefore, you do not give details in your reference list. You should, however, cite an interview within the body of your text as a personal communication, along with the name of the interviewee and date of interview.

Standard Form

Not applicable

Citation in Text

… and this point was conceded (J. Bloggs, personal communication, August 22, 2001)

Peter Smith stated (personal communication, October 8, 2006) that the work would ...


  • This does not apply to published interviews, such as those found in articles or books. In those cases, use the appropriate style for the source, and use your text to indicate that the context is an interview and whose speech you are quoting or paraphrasing, but cite the author of the article or book, as it is their account of what was said that you have seen.