Table of Contents for Vancouver



This includes articles from journals, magazines and newspapers


Academic journal article


This includes academic journals, which are also referred to as peer-reviewed or scholarly journals

   Academic journal article [from Print source]
   Academic journal article: same as print version [from Electronic source]

Newspaper article


This includes newspaper articles from national and regional newspapers, and obituaries

   Newspaper article [from Print source]
   Online newspaper article [from Electronic source]



This includes whole books, book chapters, republished books, translated books, and entries in reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopaedias


Book with author(s)


This includes books with a single author and books with multiple authors

   Book with multiple authors [from Print source]
   Book with single author [from Print source]
   E-book with author(s): same as print version [from Electronic source]

Book with editor(s)


This includes books with a single editor and books with multiple editors

   Book with multiple editors [from Print source]
   Book with single editor [from Print source]

Chapter in an edited book


This includes books comprising chapters by different authors, with named editor(s)

   Chapter in an edited book [from Print source]

Entry with no author in a reference book


This includes entries where there are no identifiable authors in dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and reference books with separate articles arranged in alphabetical or subject order

   Entry with no author in a reference book [from Electronic source]
   Entry with no author in a reference book [from Print source]

Non-text material


This includes artworks, broadcast and streamed media such as radio and television programmes (of which the source may be BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Box of Broadcasts (BoB) etc.), computer software, DVD recordings, films, images, live performances, mobile applications (apps), music, podcasts, streaming video (YouTube, TED talks, recorded webinars etc.), tables, and video games

  Figure in a book [from Electronic source]
  Figure in a book [from Print source]

Report, paper or official publication


This includes company reports, Law Commission reports, publications from Government departments, briefing or working papers, and market research reports.

  Government Publication/Report [from Print source]
  Government Publication/Report [Online] [from Electronic source]

Research material


This includes conference papers, dissertations, and theses


Conference paper


This includes conference papers in published proceedings, meetings, symposia, and unpublished confeence papers

   Conference paper: published online [from Electronic source]

Conference paper: published

    Conference paper: published [from Print source]



This includes undergraduate and postgraduate student dissertations

   Dissertation [from Print source]
   Dissertation [Online] [from Print source]

Webpage or website


This includes specific webpages and whole websites. Use the webpage format if you are referring to a particular document or piece of information from a specifc webpage within a website. Use the website format ONLY when referencing an entire website from the homepage onwards or if you are making a passing reference to a website in the text of your work.



   Webpage [from Electronic source]