Official Journal of the European Union [from Electronic source using APA 6th ed.]


Because the situation regarding legal references is complex, and only US law is covered in the APA Manual, the following guidance is based on the system recommended by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. It should not be followed by any student submitting work to the Law Department of Portsmouth Business School, and students working in other departments should consult their lecturers.

The Official Journal of the European Union (abbreviated to OJ) contains EU legislation, information and notices. It is divided into two main series (L for legislation and C for information and notices). Before 2003 it was called the Official Journal of the European Communities. The L series of EU legislation includes treaties, protocols, regulations, directives, decisions and opinions. The C series of EU information and notices includes summaries of judgments of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance, statements from the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, and other documents relating to EU legislation.

Until 1st July 2013, the official source of EU law is the print version of the Official journal. After the 1st July 2013, the online version has superceded this and you can use the format below as long as the online version is a fascimile of the print version and not amended.

Standard Form

Title of document. (Year). Title of Journal, Series Issue number, start and end pages of document.


Council Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, amending Regulations (EC) No 1924/2006 and (EC) No 1925/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council, and repealing Commission Directive 87/250/EEC, Council Directive 90/496/EEC, Commission Directive 1999/10/EC, Directive 2000/13/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, Commission Directives 2002/67/EC and 2008/5/EC and Commission Regulation (EC) No 608/2004 (2011) Official Journal of the European Union, L304 18- 59.

Citation in Text

... article 4 of the Council Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 gives clear guidance on this issue (2011, p. 14).