Social media photo or graphic, with or without caption [from Electronic source using APA 6th ed.]


Make sure you give a URL for the photo or graphic you are referencing, rather than the home page.

Standard Form

With caption, no hastag

Author, Initials. [first name]. (year). Title [Instagram]. Retrieved from web address

With caption, hashtag

Author, Initials. [first name]. (year). Title in #tag [Instagram]. Retrieved from web address

Without caption, hastag

#tag [Instagram]. (year). Retrieved from web address


With caption, no hashtag

uoplibrary. (n.d.). Don't look now but there's a free meeting pod and laptops available to borrow! (Yes we're *that* empty again!). [Instagram]. Retrieved from

With caption, hashtag

uoplibrary. (n.d.). Here's to a bright and sunny Tuesday in #portsmouth [Instagram]. Retrieved from

Without caption, hashtag

#Photography [Instagram]. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Citation in Text

 ... picture taken in Portsmouth (uoplibrary, 2016).

... images relating to photography ("#Photography", 2016).




  • If the author adopts a screen name, you can use this at the beginning of your reference.

  • If no author is named on the item you are trying to reference, move the title to the start of the reference and follow that by the year of publication. The title should be enclosed in quotation marks when citing in the text.

  • If no date appears on the item you are trying to reference, insert (n.d.) where you would normally give the year.