Patent [from Electronic source using APA 6th ed.]


Treat the inventor of the patent as the author. The year should be the year the patent was granted. The patent number is a unique identifier and is put in the title place. Give the details of the official source from which the patent information can be recovered.

Standard Form

Inventor, Initials. (year). Patent number. Retrieved from web address



Wood, A., & Sifeuntes, J. L.  (2016).  U.S. Patent No. D767,848 S.  Retrieved from

Citation in Text

... the jack cover (Wood & Sifeuntes, 2016) shows that ...


  • Keep the capital P in Patent and the capital N for No. as the patent is considered to be an item in a series.
  • With U.K. patents, substitute U.K. for U.S.