Blog post or Blog comment [from Electronic source using OSCOLA]


A blog is much like a general web page. It will probably have an author and a title for the blog post or comment.  The assumption is that you will reference an individual blog post or comment, and that if using more than one, you will reference each one separately.  Make sure you give a specific URL (web address) for the blog post or comment you are referencing, rather than the home page of the blog.  Use the author's name or pseudymyn if known.  If no name is given, start the citation with the title of the blog post.  If there is no author identified BE SURE TO CONSIDER if it is appropriate to cite an anonymous source in an academic legal context.

To locate the web address of an individual post, click on the date and time stamp beneath (or next to) the post in question to be taken to the individual status update page with its own URL.  If there is no date of publication, give only the date of access. 


Standard Form

Blog Post or Blog Comment in Bibliography

No full stop is required at the end of an entry in a Reference List as this is a list.

Author Initial 'Title of blog post' (source, date) < specific web address > accessed date




Cole S ‘Virtual Friend Fires Employee’ (Naked Law, 1 May 2009) <> accessed 19 November 2009



1 Sarah Cole, ‘Virtual Friend Fires Employee’ (Naked Law, 1 May 2009) <> accessed 19 November 2009.


Reference List

Blog Post or Blog Comment Footnotes

 Name , ‘Title of blog post’ (source, date) <specific web address > accessed date.



  • Include blog posts or comments in the secnodary sources section of the Bibliography.  Alphabetise on the author's name.  If no name is given, alphabetise on the title of the post.