Report [from Print source using OSCOLA]


Remember the general OSCOLA guidance idf an item has an ISBN treat it as a book. If an electronic item is identical to a the print treat it as the print.

Follow the standard pattern below but if the item is part of a recognised series, include the series title and number in round brackets after the title. Some types of report may have a corporate author (the name of the organization responsible for the report goes in the author position).

Standard Form

As a footnote:

Author, 'Title' (Additonal information, edition if later than first, Publisher day Month year if available) page number if required.


Law Commission reports:

Follow standard pattern above but you should also include the Command Paper Number. Use commas to seperate any two sets of numbers running together and give pinpoint paragraph references in square brackets.

Law Commission, 'Housing: Encouraging Responsponsible Letting' (Law Com No 312 Cm 7458, TSO, 2008) [1.5].

W Anderson and P Weatherburn, 'Treatment Information Needs of People Living with HIV' (Research report Nam Publications 1996).

AJ Birney and MM Hall, 'Early Identification of Children with Written Language Difficulties' (Report No. 81-502 National Educational Association 1981) 25.

H Marvin, 'Information and Experience in Architectural Design: A Report on a Research Project Commissioned by the Building Research Establishment, and Supported by the Building Centre Trust' (Research paper 23 University of York, Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies 1985) 10.

P Strickland and S Almandras, 'Crime and Security Bill No 3 2009/10' (Research Paper 09/97 House of Commons Library 2009).

J Harris and S Grace, 'A Question of Evidence? Investigating and Prosecuting Rape in the 1990s' (Home Office Research Study 196 Home Office 1999) 5.

Land Registry, 'Adverse Possession of (1) Unregistered Land (2) Registered Land where a Right to be Registered was Acquired before 13 October 2003' (Practice Guide 5 2008) 6.

Point Carbon Advisory Services, 'EU ETS Phase III - The Potential and Scale of Windfall Profits in the Power Sector: A Report for WWF' (March 2008) 11.

K Rogge, J Schleich and R Betz, 'An Early Assessment of National Allocation Plans for Phase 2 of EU Emission Trading' (Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation on Nr. S 1/2006 Franhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research 2006).

10 World Wildlife Fund, 'Carbon Countdown: Emissions Trading to Combat Climate Change' (June 2005).


Reference List

List reports alphabetically by author's name under the heading Secondary Sources.

No full stop is required at the end of an entry in a Reference List as this is a list.

In your bibliography, the author's surname should precede his or her initial(s), with no comma separating them, but a comma after the first initial. Only initials should be used, not forenames, e.g.

Anderson W and Weatherburn P, 'Treatment Information Needs of People Living with HIV' (Research report Nam Publications 1996)




  • For Parliamentary reports see entry for Hansard
  • For company annual reports see entry for Company reports
  • Reference: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, OSCOLA: Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (4th edn Oxford University 2010) 39.