Bill [from Print source using OSCOLA]


A bill is renumbered every time it is reprinted during its passage through Parliament. Therefore, it is important to include details of the exact version you are referring to.

Running numbers for House of Commons (HC) bills are inserted within square brackets; those for the House of Lords (HL) are not.

Standard Form

As a footnote:

Title of Bill House in which it originated (i.e. HC or HL)(Parliamentary session) Running number assigned to the Bill, ection pinpoint if required.


Climate Change Effects HC Bill (2006-07) [54].

Further Education and Training HL Bill (2006-07) 6 s 4(a).

Housing and Regeneration HC Bill (2007-08) [8] s 144

Reference List

List bills in alphabetical order under the heading Secondary Sources.

Abbreviations of sections of bills are only to be used in footnotes. When referring to a section of a bill in the text, pinpoint references should be written in full e.g.

The application of section 4 of the Further Education and Training HL Bill (2006-07) 6, in particular sub-section 4(a), has shown that ...

Section 144 of the Housing and Regeneration HC Bill (2007-08) [8] states that ...


  • Reference: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, OSCOLA: Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (4th edn Oxford University 2010) 25.