Legislation: EU [from Print source using OSCOLA]


European Union legislation may appear in a variety of forms e.g. Regulations, Directives, Decisions, Recommendations, and Opinions etc. Note that some Decisions (on competition law, antitrust and mergers for example) are treated as cases. It is therefore important to identify the type of legislation being cited. The official record of all EC legislation is the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ) “L” (Legislation) series.

Standard Form

As a footnote:

Legislation type e.g. Council Decision, Council Directive or Council Regulation (EC) number title including amendments if necessary [Year] OJ L issue number/first page number, pinpoint page if required.


Consolidated Version of the Treaty on European Union [2008] OJ C115/13.

Council Decision (EC) 93/389 establishing a monitoring mechanism of Community carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions [2003] OJ L167/31.

Council Directive (EC) 1991/493 laying down the health conditins for the production and placing on the market of fishery products [1991] OJ L268/34, 37.

Council Regulation (EC) 679/2009 amending Regulation (EC) No. 1386/2007 laying down conservation and enforcement measures applicable in the Regulatory Area of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation OJ L197/1.

Protocol to the Agreement on the Member states that do not fully apply the Schengen acquis-Joint Declarations [2007] OJ L129/35.

Reference List

List EU legislation in alphabetical order under the heading Legislation and subdivide Legislation into UK and EU as appropriate.

No full stop is required at the end of an entry in a Reference List as this is a list.


  • Note that the year precdes the running number in citations to Directives, but follows it in citations to Regulations.
  • Always cite EC Directives, Regulations and Notices by their full name initially. Thereafter you may abbreviate the long official title (provied warning is given in the first citation) or use the document type and number (using 'Reg' and 'Dir' as abbreviations).
  • Pinpoints indicating articles (abbreviated to 'art' or 'arts') or paragraphs follow the OJ citation and a comma.

Council Directive (EC) 93/104 concercing certain aspects of the organisation of working time [1993] OJ L307/18 (Working Time Directive).


Working Time Directive, art 2.

Council Regulation (EC) 850/2004 on persistent organanic pollutants and amending Directive (EC) 79/117 [2004] OJ L158/7, art 19.


Council Reg (EC) 850/2004, arts 20, 21.

  • Commission Decisions on competition law, antitrust and mergers should be treated as cases.
  • Reference: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, OSCOLA: Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (4th edn Oxford University 2010) 29.