Magazine article [from Print source using Vancouver]


Unlike academic journals, magazines and trade publications often do not have volume and part numbers, and are commonly identified by the date of issue. If volume and part, or issue numbers are used, include them in the reference, as for an academic journal, but also use the fuller date format applicable when there is no volume/issue number.

Some magazine articles will not have named authors (bylines), so put the article title in the author position when this occurs.

As with all items you do not necessarily have to refer directly to the item you can just use the next running number and give the details in the bibliography. If you wish to refer to the item directly in your text it may be better for the reader if you match the start of the entry in your bibliography merely to save confusion.

You may have this item in your bibliography:

Pollitt M. New heights for proton therapy cancer treatment. Guardian. 2008 Aug 21; TechnologyGuardian:6 (col. 3).

In your text you could say " This technique is used to treat eye cancers. (10) " Or you could write " Pollitt (10) discusses the use ..."

Standard Form

Author, Initials. Article title. Journal title.Year month day;Volume number(part/issue number - if any): start page number-end page number.



Griffiths, J. Access to Work closed to the civil service Disability Now. 2006 Jul:3.

Access denied. Labour Research. 2006 Jul; 95(7):15-6.


Barrett, L. Daewoo’s drive to survive in the UK. Marketing Week. 2001 Aug 23:22-3.

Carmichael, M. Philip Morris stubs out its Basic budget brand. The Grocer. 2006 Jul 1;229 (7761):66.


  • Bylines are sometimes found at the end of articles in non-academic journals.
  • Remember journal titles are shortened if they can be found as such, listed in Medline; otherwise give titles in full.
  • If there is no volume, part or issue number the colon is used to separate date from pagination, not the semi-colon.
  • Vancouver allows months to be shortened to their first three letters. If seasons are used instead of month and day, quote season in full, not abbreviated.